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Dedicated to identifying high performance professionals focused in the Real Estate Industry. Identifying the strongest Real Estate Talent Nationally through our ability to establish and maintain long-term relationships Consistently delivering the best Real Estate Talent reliably and efficiently. Delivering Real Estate Talent that aligns with your Executive staffing needs


Customized Searches Based on Relationships

We do things differently. We don't randomly pitch jobs to real estate professionals. We're not a resume mill that sends hundreds of unscreened applicants to your door. We take the time to develop relationships and understand the individual competencies, attributes and career goals of proven performers. This "passive" candidate market requires the most effort, but yields the best matches of individual and opportunity.

We know your time is precious. That's why we only submit candidates that meet your requirements.

Our formal, three-phase search process encompasses:

Assignment Definition and Planning. Beginning with a confidential, in-depth discussion, we create a thorough definition of the position and the personal attributes of the ideal candidate. Once the position is defined, we create a customized Search Plan.

Candidate Development. Based on a well-researched and targeted list of companies and professionals, we build relationships on your behalf. These contacts provide referrals to industry professionals who may be interested in your career opportunity.

Interview and Selection. We conduct detailed interviews with potential candidates to determine experience, skills, professional goals, location and compensation requirements, as well as personal attributes. We evaluate compatibility with your needs and only present candidates that meet your qualifications. During the selection process, we will help you schedule interviews, conduct post-interview debriefings, consult on compensation, and assist in reference checking and the job offer process.

Flexible Terms and Assured Performance

In addition to customizing searches, we offer flexible terms to best meet the requirements of the position and your company. Choose from a range of structures from retainer to contingency and percentage as well as flat-fee.

After successful completion of the search, we stay in contact with both you and your new hire to assure a smooth transition and productive relationship.